The Beginning Edge

From the customer: “We should have know from the start, our life would be an constant adventure on the edge. Not in the typical sense of world traveler or adrenaline junkie, but not average by any means. From wonderful vacations to life-threatening medical problems, failed businesses to successful ones, us against the world to a family of four, I decided to commemorate the beginning of our life on the edge with a art piece. The crazy awesome life my wife, Christy, and I share, all started my sophomore year in high school when I noticed the hot babe in geometry class…

I was 17 years old, standing on the edge of a rebel party life looking for something more meaningful. A rare type of appendicitis on the edge of medical knowledge put me at the edge of life and served as a wake-up call. At the same time, Christy was on the last edge of a severe case of mono, and we were both out of school for some time. This meant we both ended up in the same geometry makeup class (doesn’t geometry deal a lot with edges?) and the moment I saw her, I was on the edge of my seat.

It took some time to get the nerve to ask her out (being so hot put her past the edge of my league), but she agreed to a first date on Valentine’s Day. I picked her up in a ’69 Chevy C-10 pickup that was literally on the edge of mechanical failure, but somehow it didn’t phase her. I then took her to a Italian restaurant on the edge of a strip mall and, as we found out later, was on the edge of bankruptcy. While the strip mall and restaurant are no longer there, its former home was the location I picked for the first map art print. We ended the date at the movies (a theater also on the edge of shutting down) to see Bed of Roses. The movie is important as if featured the sterling (lavender) rose. This color, combined with the color of my truck (green), served as the palette for my map art triptych.

Three years later, our relationship had flourished and I decided to step out on the edge and ask her to marry me. I took her to a fancy restaurant called High Finance (the prices put me on the edge of poverty) that was on the edge of a ski resort. After the meal we walked along a hiking trail and I took a knee on the edge of a cliff to pop the question. To this day we joke that I was going over the edge if she said no, so she “had” to say yes. Incidentally, the cliff on the hiking trail is the second map location I picked.

The planning and execution of our wedding put us both near the edge of insanity (she was still in college, I was unemployed, and we had no idea what we would do with our lives). There we were, just past the edge of our teenage years, not even of legal drinking age, and we were tying the knot. Life on the edge indeed. After the ceremony, we knew we would need time to recoup and plan, so we headed to the west coast for our honeymoon. There on the edge of the U.S., in a small town B&B on the edge of civilization (the third location for the map art), we fell in love again, discovered our mutual love of the ocean, and realized we had officially begun our life on the edge…together.

Thanks for the beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for my wife!

Brian K”

From the map maker: What an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing that with us Brian. Our goal is to make art prints that share the stories of our life; sounds like our Valentine’s Day print certainly did this for you (and so much more)! Thanks again!