Cornell University

From the customer: My husband bought me the Cornell University City Print for my birthday — 35th! Although my graduation from Cornell is many years ago now, and my time there pre-dates my Husband, I’m lucky that my husband understands how special that place is to me. My time in Ithaca were some of the happiest years, and I love to feature my alma mater whenever I can. I’ve always loved the unique geography of Cornell, and City Prints really highlights that! No straight-line grids for us! Hills, gorges, and, oh yeah, more hills! I found my sorority house on the map, buildings where I took classes, Collegetown, etc. It’s all there.

I particularly love that City Prints lets me feature Cornell in our home, but without plastering the word CORNELL all over everything. It’s art, not another poster!

Thanks again for the lovely piece. My alumni friends are all very jealous!

~ Julie K.

From the map maker: Thanks for sharing your story Julie! You can definitely tell, just by looking at the roads, there is no flat land in Ithaca, NY. Julie mentioned the exact reason we love to make City Prints: Display your college as modern art, not as a poster. Thanks again Julie, your friends have a right to be jealous! ~Tim