Custom 8-Pack Coaster Set

From the customer: “I ordered a custom coaster set for my boyfriend to celebrate his graduation from his master’s degree. He is a city planner so he loves maps, and every coaster I asked you to design was of a different city that was somehow significant to him.

Tim was the one who handled my order, and I was so grateful for how patient and kind he was as I tried to explain the project as I saw it in my imagination. Thanks to his hard work, the coaster were just as I imagined they would be! He was even willing to find random tiny American towns for me and make me custom coasters with the colors I wanted.

I was so excited to finally give my boyfriend the gift, and he absolutely loved them.

Thanks to City Prints and Tim in particular for doing such a wonderful job on this! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your warmth and professionalism.”

~ Cate P.