The Long Way Home

From the customer: “When our 40th wedding anniversary was on the horizon, I thought it deserved some special acknowledgment. From our roots in New York state, we have moved cross country and out of the country and back during those 40 years.  The fact that we’ve built our dream home and settled in Georgia for good is the “Lived Happily Ever After” part.  I wanted to draw our story and Tim at City Prints did a fantastic job given the rough idea, list of locations and desired colors. The Long Way Home now holds prime location on our wall and we love it!” – The Levitts,  Jasper GA

From the map maker: Thanks for sharing your story with us! I love creating prints like this because as I as design, I see can see the story taking shape. For me, designing prints is not all about composition, color, etc, it’s also about bringing the story to life – I enjoy this part just as much as the other stuff. Thanks for letting me be apart of that!